The investments of Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) across Europe – Maps


One of the objectives of project OCP is to identify which assets and which business sectors, in which territories, are or could be exposed to OCG infiltrations and investments.

In this light, Transcrime and OCP research partners have been collecting cases of OCGs laundering illicit proceeds and investing in legitimate businesses across Europe, with a focus on Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  

At the moment (March 2014), more than 550 cases have been gathered, referring either to police operations or to seizure/confiscation orders, and including mention of legitimate businesses controlled by OCGs or groups involved in serious offences such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, frauds, arms trafficking and others.

For each case, information about the location, asset type, business sector and type of OCG involved has been collected, if available.

The main sources are:

  • Public and unpublished reports by EU member states’ LEAs, FIUs and AROs;
  • Public reports by national and international institutions (e.g. FATF, OECD, Europol, etc);
  • Judiciary evidence;
  • Academic papers and research studies;
  • Open sources (e.g. media, newspapers, etc).

All the cases collected have been then mapped. Preliminary maps (March 2014) highlight cases of infiltrations in legitimate businesses carried out by:

  • Italian Mafia OCGs
  • Chinese OCGs
  • Russian/Georgian OCGs
  • Motorcycle OCGs
  • Other organised criminal groups

in Europe, with a focus on Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

This preliminary mapping will be improved through:

  • The inclusion of new cases
  • Further analysis of the cases already collected
  • A comprehensive and systematic mapping and analysis of the data on Confiscated Assets that the OCP research team is collecting across EU MS Asset Recovery Offices.

For receiving the preliminary maps please contact michele.riccardi@unicatt.it and transcrime@unicatt.it