Please find here below the presentations of the key findings of project OCP provided by OCP partners in Brussels at European Commission premises on the 27th November 2014. Please find also attached the agenda of the meeting:

1. Introduction

2. Transcrime_The scale of illicit markets in Europe

3. University Durham_Frauds, organised theft and other emerging criminal markets in United Kingdom

4. PCF_Emerging new actors: the case of Motorcycle gangs

5. Transcrime_Organised crime investments across Europe

6. Guardia di Finanza_Financial aspects of foreign organised crime groups in Italy

7. URJC_Organised crime investments in Spain

8. Utrecht University_Organised crime investments in a transit country: the Dutch case

9. Transcrime_Confiscation of criminal assets in Europe: available statistics

10. Criminal Asset Bureau_Tracing and confiscating criminal assets: best practices in Ireland

11. Transcrime_Research and policy implications - Conclusions

Agenda Meeting OCP Project 27.11.2014